Isabella D'Agostino

Meet Our Creator

Isabella D'Agostino is a beautiful and very talented middle school student with a bubbly personality, and a kind and generous heart. She is on a mission to help those in need. Her personal goal is to spread LOVE and HOPE throughout our community and the surrounding states by personally delivering handmade items to the homeless, underprivileged, and sick.

When Isabella was 10 years old, we ventured out investing our own capital to purchase the things that we needed to start knitting hats, scarves, and gloves for those in need. We watched videos teaching ourselves how to knit. Through social media her idea was instantly accepted. Friends, family, and colleagues were reaching out asking what they could do to help. Immediately we thought of a name together, and I helped her put this plan into action by purchasing domain names, registering the non-profit business, and incorporating as a 501(c)(3). We set off to start the fundraising efforts through her "Loops Of Love - Helping all in need" Go Fund Me page. We are so very fortunate to have caring and generous friends and family to get us on our way!

Realizing that knitting and crocheting are an art, our community service project also falls in line with education by promoting STEAM. We are working together with local businesses and schools not only to raise awareness for our cause and provide handmade good for those who need them most, but also to bond as a community by working with other volunteers near and far so that we can create and distribute our gifts of love with greater efficiency. Isabella, and all of us associated with Loops of Love, Inc., greatly appreciate anything that you can give, whether it be your time, your own handmade items, supplies, or a monetary donation. Just sharing our website and Facebook page with others through social media would do wonders to expand Isabella's organization. Let her kind heart infect you so that together we can make the world a better place, one community at a time!